Vancouver is a city that is very worth visiting when traveling to Canada, in this place you can enjoy city life and also be in contact with nature. We share a list of things you can do in this Canadian city.

Visit Granville Island

Granville Island is one of the most picturesque places in Vancouver. The locals meet to eat and enjoy a good time, so it is ideal to learn more about the lives of its inhabitants. On this site, you will also find several places to eat, especially in its market, one of the most famous in the world.

Go to Stanley Park

This site is one of the most popular among locals and travelers. It’s a little bigger than Central Park, New York. In this park you will find groups of family and friends, it is ideal to travel by bicycle!

Walk through the Chinatown

The Chinatown of Vancouver is the third largest in North America and also houses the building with the Guinness Record to the narrowest in the world.

Tour the streets of Gastown

Gastown is the neighborhood where Vancouver was born, making it the oldest in the city, it is also the most traditional. One of its main attractions is the steam clock.

What to do in Vancouver for free


Watch the sunset at English Bay

If you have good weather, you should go to English Bay to enjoy the sunset. In addition, many locals meet to relax and play.

Relax in Vanier Park

Vanier Park is spectacular and is perfect for contemplating, having a picnic and relaxing. In addition, it is one of the favorites of Alan for the World, because it offers incredible views of the city and also can see works of urban art.

What to do in Vancouver for free


Walk in Grouse Grind

Hiking in Grouse Grind is a good idea to connect with nature. The distance of the route is 2.9 kilometers. The views at the top are incredible, so it is very much worth doing this hike.