Traveling alone around the world has multiple benefits and is a different way of knowing the countries you visit. While some destinations are more recommended for young people, others are geared towards older people or backpackers who want to travel cheaply. In this article, we talk about what is the best destination to travel alone.


Within Europe, Iceland is a territory with large natural areas. Although traveling alone, it is easy to meet other people on some of the excursions that are organized, for example on whale sightings. Temperatures are notably low in winter, but it is a season where you can enjoy one of the most incredible natural spectacles: the aurora borealis.


However, Iceland is a more expensive option, in summer you can save on camping accommodation since it is allowed in much of the territory. In addition, it is a quiet and totally safe state.


Indonesia, with more than 17,000 islands, is the largest archipelago in the world. Each area is different and some are more accustomed to receiving tourists than others.  One of the most tourist islands is Bali, where people are quite hospitable. In it, you can visit some mosques and impressive ruins. However, accommodation is more expensive than in other parts of the country. A more exotic part is the island of Flores, where you can see Komodo dragons.


It is a very conservative country, so it is advisable to be discreet with clothes, especially in less touristy areas. The most dangerous danger is that of the scammers.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great choice for all those travelers who enjoy the wild nature since in this area you can walk through the jungle and observe the animals live in their habitat.

costa rica

In addition, Costa Rica is one of the safest territories in Central America and each year it is positioned among the countries with the happiest inhabitants of the world, a fact that favors the visit of the most adventurous.


Although Japan is a country that is reputed to be expensive, it is not so, because its prices are comparable to the average price of European cities. In addition, it has multiple accommodation options, such as the famous capsule hotels.

What stands out from its inhabitants is the extreme education with which they treat the rest of the people. Also, the cities are clean and the security is remarkably high. Important cities like Kyoto, you want to know other parts of this State, you can buy the JRP (Japan Rail Pass) with which you can take any public train.


Cuba is an ideal place to visit without company since Cubans are hospitable people who have no problem helping visitors. In addition, they often have a quiet personality that is reflected in their way of life. Therefore, we can consider it as the best destination to visit alone.


It is a fairly safe country that can be easily traveled because the roads do not usually have too much traffic. Culture lovers should visit Havana. However, if you prefer to relax in a great hotel and bathe in paradisiacal beaches, your area is Varadero.


If you want to enjoy this destination at its most unique moment, you cannot miss the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, which takes place between February and March. Also, another of the main attractions of the territory is its beaches.


Despite being a recommended destination, it should be stressed that it is not too safe, especially in the case of women, so you always have to go with caution.


Within South America, Colombia is a good option to visit alone. One of the travelers’ favorite cities is Cartagena de Indias. However, it also has beautiful natural areas, such as the Tayrona National Natural Park.


Although safety is acceptable, you should not lower your guard, especially at night.


Within Asia, Thailand is characterized by being an exotic place to which more and more people travel alone, especially as backpackers. Among the advantages of this destination are its low prices and good public transport network. Although the fact of going without a company can increase the accommodation, there are numerous quality hostels in which to sleep from three euros a night.


As for security, the only danger is the attempt to deceive tourists or petty thefts. Also, most people do not speak English, but it is open to tourists.


Depending on your tastes, you can focus on visiting part of the country. For example, those interested in Maya culture should go to Teotihuacan, or to Yucatan, where Chechen Itza is located. On the other hand, Michoacán is one of the states where you can best be known Mexican culture.


However, if you travel in search of beaches and hotel complexes, your area is Riviera Maya. It should be remembered that some parts of (Las Cabos, Cancun) Mexico are not recommended for tourists for open gunfight between drug business outfit, as they are more dangerous. Also, in Mexico City precautions should be taken against any undesirable situation.

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