The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is getting closer and the capital of Russia, Moscow, will be one of the venues of this sporting event. In addition to an important political, economic, cultural and scientific center, Moscow is a city worth visiting and if you are short of money or want to save money on your trip, I leave you some top tourist attractions in Moscow for free things to do in the most populated city in Russia.

Take pictures in Red Square


red square

The best thing about visiting a square is that it almost never costs money and if it also contains impressive memories of the collective imagination, it is worthwhile. That is the case of the Red Square in Moscow where you can get amazing postcards. Walking at sunset is a good plan and you can cross out one of the most famous places in the country from your list.

Visit Lenin’s mausoleum


Lenin Tomb

On the Red Square and here you can visit the Lenin Mausoleum free of charge on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Remember that the photographs are forbidden inside and if you use the wardrobe you will have to pay approximately 20 rubles.

Get lost in the subway

The Moscow metro is one of the most original in the world and in its stations you can find real works of art and find some vestiges of Soviet iconography. For example, the architecture of the Komsomolskaya station will make you think of an underground palace that dedicates its mosaics to the country’s historical military leaders.  Other relevant stations are Ploshchad Revolution, Park Kultury, Bielaruskaya, and Arbatskaya. The ticket for a trip leaves approximately 50 rubles.


In the Metro station of Sportivnaya, there is the Metro Museum, where you can find, free of charge, tickets, and photographs that show us the evolution and history of the Moscow metro.

Relax in the Gorki Park


Gorki Park

If you are one of those who needs to rest surrounded by nature, Gorki Park will give you the opportunity to escape the chaos of the city just 2 kilometers south-west of the Kremlin. Its name is due to the Soviet writer Máximo Gorki and in its 100 hectares you will find gardens, lagoons, and recreation areas and sports spaces

Feel like a cosmonaut

The historic VDNKh Park (Pan-Russian Exhibition Center) is located in the north-eastern part of the city and during the Soviet era was one of the main tourist attractions in Moscow and sought to expose the country’s economic, scientific and technological achievements.

Vdnkh park

After the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, some private companies resumed the pavilions and can now see the exhibition of Soviet achievements in technology and cosmonautics.

Learn from Soviet technology

The Museum of Industrial Culture, located very close to the Volzhskaya metro station, has some of the old Soviet artifacts such as telephones, toys, cars, computers, vending machines, radios, typewriters and even medical devices for fans of the technology and pop culture. Admission is free and the museum opens from 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening every day.

Meet the Museum of Russian Icons

Founded by the entrepreneur Mikhail Abramov, this collection has more than 4000 objects of ancient culture and Russian iconography. Admission is free and it is close to the Taganskaya metro. A good way to get to know this part of the Soviet culture!