Santiago is one of the most important cities in Latin America. Its technological level and thriving finances make it a great centre for conventions and events. Tourism in the Chilean capital is much flourished these days. Tourists usually use it to reach the country and then travel to other tourist destinations in Chile. The city offers a lively nightlife and a great cultural and historical heritage

1. Casa de Isla Negra

In the middle of the central coast, in the region of Valparaiso, Isla Negra is portrayed as an attractive museum and cultural panorama. Originally known as Las Gaviotas, the place was renamed in 1937 by the national poet Pablo Neruda, as he bought a house in the sector.

casa de isla negra

Thus, the tourist will delight to know numerous collections Nerudianas, almost all related to the sea. Inside the house of Isla Negra you can find replicas of sailboats, boats inside bottles, masks of a bow, various types of seashells, and even sperm whale teeth. On the other hand, other curious objects selected by the poet, such as antique shoes, masks, pipes and bottles with strange shapes, are shown to the public.

2. Sewell mining town

Declared Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in the year 2006, Sewell is located to more than 2000 meters of height, surrounded by the landscape and the characteristic climate of the Andean mountain range. It is located 150 km south of Santiago, the largest underground copper mine of the old time.

sewell mining town

As for the name Sewell, it was established in 1915. Currently, Sewell is a work area where it still operates the Hub of the same name and some industrial facilities. It can be accessed by car from El Copro Road. In the place, 50 original and restored buildings are conserved, and the Museum of the Great Copper Mining is also located.

3. Pomaire

Just 70 km from Santiago, you will find the small and traditional village of Pomaire. Inserted in the commune of Melipilla, Metropolitan Region is considered a great tourist focus. Thanks to its characteristic clay handicraft.


Its main streets are San Antonio and Roberto Bravo, sectors that show the public the typical products of the area. For lovers of photography, this tour can be very interesting to capture the artisans giving shape to their creations in the lathes, as they work in their own houses, which function at the same time as craft workshops.

And if the panorama suddenly opens the appetite, you can taste exquisite traditional dishes offered by the restaurants of Pomaire -located very close to the artisan shops-, where they are prepared empanadas, rolled, corn cake, casserole, and a series of delicacies Typical of the country.

4. Santo Domingo

Located on the central coast, Santo Domingo is a commune of the province of San Antonio, Region of Valparaíso, which is located at the mouth of the Maipo River. Popular for being one of the most exclusive spas during the summer season. It is characterized by its rocky formation, its dark sand, and its golf club close to the beach.

Santo Gomingo

In addition, Santo Domingo has the longest beach on the central coast, as it reaches a total of 20 km. The panorama is complemented by the well-kept squares around it, which have abundant vegetation. As an interesting fact, in the rockery called La Puntilla, visitors can find a large millenary rock called Piedra del Sol, or Intihuatana, which is presumed to be an important object of Inca worship.

5. Rapel Lake

Considered the largest artificial reservoir in Chile, Rapel Lake was created in 1968 by the hydroelectric dam of the same name, being fed by the rivers Cachapoal and Tinguiririca, reaching a capacity of 695 million cubic meters water. This lake was transformed over time into an ideal destination to practice aquatic activities near Santiago. Even being the scene of important sporting events -like water skiing, sailing, and kayaking nationally.

Rapel Lake

On the other hand, recreational fishing can also be done, since the Pejerrey is abundant in all the extension of the waters. As for the characteristics of the place, Rapel Lake has a temperate Mediterranean climate, surrounded by rural landscape, and agriculture as its main activity. In the place, there are different accommodation offers available, campsites and private clubs, as well as restaurants and minimarkets.

 6. Yerba Loca Sanctuary

Less than an hour from Santiago, at kilometre 22 of Route G-21 road to Farellones and in the middle of the Andes Mountains, is located Yerba Loca. Declared Nature Sanctuary since 1973, this place has 11,575 hectares of forest, hills and valleys, housing 34% of the native flora of the Metropolitan Region. Yerba Loca allows realizing trekking and excursions, to see birds and to climb rocks.


Yerba loca sanctuary

Also, one of its attractions is the La Paloma glacier. The route to the place is quite long since it takes eight hours in total. But it is worth it when you arrive and contemplate the immense mound of ice, while eagles and condors fly over a magical landscape. The Yerba Loca Sanctuary is an excellent destination for those who enjoy adventure and nature.

7. Viña del Mar

At 120 km. of the capital, on the central coast of the V Region, there is the so-called “Garden City”, Viña del Mar. Also known as “spa town”, and as that nickname indicates, it has an attractive geography and a residential character, where the landscape has been used as a focus of tourists and vacationers looking for beaches, accommodation and recreation areas.

vina del mar

This place is surrounded by large green areas and unique architecture. Viña del Mar includes beautiful residential neighbourhoods with large gardens, as well as tall and modern buildings that coexist near the coast, next to emblematic palaces that are still preserved, nowadays turned into museums.

With a total of 13 beaches, a variety of restaurants, hotels make this city is one of the most tourist areas in the country In the “Garden City” you can surf, swim, recreational fishing, hiking, photographing flora and fauna, biking, kayaking on some beaches, among many other activities that ensure an entertaining and pleasant stay.