Iceland and its unique landscapes shaped by volcanoes and glaciers call you? Here are top crazy activities to do in Iceland this summer to make a dream trip in this magical country and make your vacation memorable!

Navigate in the middle of glaciers

The Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon, located between the Vatnajökull National Park and the city of Höfn, is certainly one of the most magical places in the country and will guarantee you a spectacle worthy of your biggest dreams. Between the black sand beach (also called diamond beach) and the unhooked icebergs of the Vatnajökull glacier, the largest in the country, the scenery is as breathe taking as it is reel.

Accessible all year long, it is possible in the summer, to make an expedition by amphibious boat, to admire the glaciers first row and with a little luck, to greet seals in passing!

Visit the inside of a volcano

In Iceland, you do not have to call Indiana Jones or play in Jurassic Park to visit the heart of a volcano is another top crazy activities to do in Iceland. If the phenomena related to volcanism are visible everywhere in the country, there is a unique place in the world where you will be able to admire not only the surroundings but also the interior of a volcano.

Located 45 minutes from Reykjavik, we offer a trip from May to October, starting with a 45-minute hike to 1 hour, following a descent to a little over 120 meters deep in the cavities (the room magmatic, to be more precise) of the volcano (well asleep, we reassure you). And here you are in its den, of an area equivalent to three basketball courts, offering you a highly colorful and unique show. After all, it’s not every day that we visit the heart of a volcano…

Diving between two continents

Snorkeling enthusiasts or simply extraordinary experiences, you do not miss diving in the Silfrugjá or Silfra fault. Located in the Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rated as the 15th best dive site in the world by CNN News, the place allows us to dive literally between American and Eurasian tectonic plates; in other words, between two continents, undoubtedly top crazy activities to do in Iceland.

The craziest in all this? Probably the clarity of the water that allows visibility to more than 100 meters deep and makes you see all the colors. In the detour, one also takes advantage to admire the waterfall of Oxarfoss, and not far, a historical monument dating from the Vikings.

The activity is available summer and winter (with a combination, of course!) And no need to be an experienced diver, just be healthy and have taken some lessons beforehand … and show of patience if it is the first time that you put on a suit!

Bathing in a hot spring

A trip to Iceland would obviously not be complete without a swim in a hot spring in nature! Especially since it is not the choice of sources that is missing …

Between the Secret Lagoon, one of the oldest natural pools in Iceland with warm water from the ground, the milky blue waters of the Myvatn natural baths, further north, or the Seljavallalaug mountainside spring, more than one stop, paying or not and presenting different options, are offered to us.

Admire the midnight sun

A well-known phenomenon, however, it still surprises as much: it is about the sunshine in Iceland; longer during the summer and much shorter in the winter. If you go during the summer season, you will not only enjoy longer days but also the midnight sun. Around the summer solstice on June 21 – 1 month and a half before and 1 month and a half after this – you can witness twilight in the middle of the night, or the famous midnight sun and is a top crazy activities to do in Iceland in summer.

If you go there during the summer, get ready for bed late, to fully experience the Icelandic white nights! And for those who want to experience the longest day, always go around 21 June in Reykjavik or even further north, to Akureyri or Ísafjördur, to see the sun go down after midnight, and get up around 3:00 am morning (if you manage to hold on, of course)! Other original ideas for visits and activities in Iceland remain of course to be discovered.