There are wonderful countries but perhaps they are somewhat insecure or dangerous if you decide to travel there from your air. If you want to roam free as the wind without having little concern for robberies, vandalism, conflicts or other dangers that could occur, we have collected in this article the safest countries in the world to travel. Even so, continue to keep the basic precautions you would have in your country to avoid problems and have a happy trip. Keep reading and discover the 15 least dangerous countries in the world to travel.


Iceland is a safe country to travel, although you should have the basic precautions if you go in cold weather since ice falls are not uncommon. Come and discover the fashionable tourist destination of the last few years and you will be amazed by the overflowing nature that includes aurora borealis, waterfalls and springs, to name a few. Start by discovering the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, and then take a tour of the island in your own vehicle. The most comfortable option is to reach such special spots as Dettifoss waterfall or Glacier Lake.




Relax completely enjoying this peaceful country where you will be surprised by how much it has to offer. Stockholm is a charming, elegant city, a perfect symbiosis of tradition and avant-garde. Do not miss discovering its most important corners such as the Vasa Museum or the Royal Palace and walk slowly through Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town. Also, if you want to get away from another danger other than falling in love and not wanting to go back, go straight to places like Swedish Lapland. The landscapes of an immaculate white of this zone will feel you the taste of the safest country in the world to travel.




Norway has options for all tastes and all of them are quiet, as it is one of the least insecure countries in the world to travel. However, you must also tread carefully for those icy landscapes that you have wanted to visit for as long as you want, or as you climb up to the famous Preikestolen, a huge rock formation with a vertical drop of 604 meters. If what you fancy is not only feel safe but also spoiled, why not try a cruise on the beautiful Norwegian fjords.




Feel yourself in such idyllic surroundings as the popular Heidi walking the green mountains of the Swiss Alps and forget about pickpockets or various hazards. Switzerland is another least risky country in the world for visitors. Sometimes the costs of traveling through it are high, although this country is very comfortable for the tourist. Get to know magical cities like Geneva or Lucerne, but above all, let yourself be seduced by the mountain landscapes that everyone knows either in winter or in summer.




Denmark is also positioned as one of the safest countries in the world to travel. Its capital, Copenhagen is an interesting city where tradition and modernity mix of wonder. So, in addition to visiting the Imperial Rosenborg Castle, you should visit the free city of Christiania, a hippie neighborhood totally safe for tourists.




The rising sun of the country will feel you very safe. It is rare to see episodes of violence or robbery against tourists. So, do not hesitate to go there, if you fancy discovering all that Japan has to offer. Visit hot spots from incredible natural sites such as Mount Fuji or the Arashiyama bamboo forest to vibrant cities like Tokyo or Osaka. If you want to totally fall in love with this country, do not hesitate to fly to it when the cherry blossoms, seeing Japan with Sakura is a spectacle.



Czech Republic

Feel comfortable traveling through the countries of Eastern Europe like the Czech Republic. Visiting the capital, Prague, is like feeling in a fairy tale, especially when a white blanket of snow covers it in winter. It crosses the Charles Bridge and hallucinates with the wonderful Astronomical Clock of the City Hall of the Old Town. In addition, you can also visit the country, which has beautiful and quiet cities such as Karlovy Vary or Cesky Krumlov, memorable safest holiday destinations in the world.


Czech Republic-travel


Austria is situated in the heart of Europe and is a comfortable and safe country to be visited at any time of the year. Vienna is a spectacular city full of palaces where you will feel like you are in another era. Schonbrunn Palace is one of the corners that you should not miss, as well as the National Opera, where the traditional New Year’s Concert takes place. Not only have those, Austria had much more especially if you are looking for peace of mind. Thus, the towns of the Tyrol such as Alpbach or Lienz are as beautiful as safe.




One of the least dangerous countries to travel in Canada. You risk falling in love with such incredible places as Niagara Falls or the Rocky Mountains. From east to west you’ll be able to tour corners like Newfoundland Island with over 200 days of fog per year and explore beautiful cities with buildings that will remind you of Europe like Quebec or Montreal.




Not surprisingly, Slovenia receives more visitors each year. It is totally the safest countries in the world to travel and in a perfect situation to meet him and those around him by car. Start exploring the small and quiet capital, Ljubljana, which you can fully appreciate from its castle on high. Then head to one of the most famous places in the country, Lake Bled, and visit the picturesque lake in your heart aboard a small boat with oars. In addition, if you are addicted to winter sports, you can ski or snowboard on the slopes of Vogel, an impressive plateau above Lake Bohinj.



New Zealand

Always walk quietly for kiwi lands thanks to the security that characterizes this country. New Zealand is far away but we are quite sure you will not regret traveling for so many hours. The landscapes of our antipodes seem unreal by their beauty. Wonderful examples of fascinating nature are Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki or Tongariro National Park.


New Zealand-travel


Located between France, Germany and the Netherlands. This small country is large in attractiveness to travel to it. In Belgium, you have everything: cities as magnificent as Ghent, Bruges or Leuven and natural environments like the Flemish Ardennes. Visit Belgium at any time of the year but your trip will be even more impressive if you are encouraged to do so in spring. That time the fields are filled with colorful flowers, including the famous tulips.




The Nordic countries continue to appear in this list due to their low crime rate and the absence of political conflicts. Finland is one of the safest countries in the world to travel and you should go and check it as soon as possible. Of course, do not forget to take shelter because Helsinki can reach up to (-33ºC) due to its location, which makes it one of the coldest capitals in the world. If you are looking for absolute tranquility, do not hesitate to visit the National Park Pallas Yllästunturi, an impressive white sea that will leave you breathless.




With proper care, the most dangerous thing you’ll find in Ireland is the beauty of its landscapes and cities. Dublin, its capital, is a wonderful city and you should reserve a few days to discover it. Ireland is one of the least unsafe countries to travel that will give a perfect leisure time. Emerald Isle is an ideal place to rent a car and get to know exciting and safe corners such as the Cliffs of Moher or Killarney National Park.




Travel to Australia will give you an experience of one of the safest and most incredible countries in the world. Everyone who has come here has been amazed by the magnificence of its coastal and inland landscapes. Byron Bay, the Twelve Apostles, the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays … all this and much more you can know and without risk.


Great barrier reef


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