Destination of choice for sunny holidays, South Korea hosts beautiful beaches with its wide coastline and various islands that invite people for relaxation and are conducive to water activities. From Chagang to Busan via Pohang, an overview of the most beautiful beaches of South Korea is presented here.

Jungmun, Jeju Island


It is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Korea. Jungmun, on Jeju Island (in the south-west of the country), is famous for its three-colored sand: black, white and red which are in complete harmony with the characteristic black stones of the volcanic island of Jeju. The water, turquoise, is often agitated, especially at the level of the black cave formed by the erosion of the stone by the tide. Above, rare plants grow there making it a site of choice for green tourism.

Haeundae Beach, Busan


Another most beautiful beach in South Korea is Haeundae Beach is located to the Southeast. It’s fine white sand, which comes from the nearby Chuncheoncheon River, caressed by the crystal clear and warm water. Haeundae Beach is also known for its varied cultural events and festivals throughout the year. The opportunity is also to get acquainted with traditional games such as the Neolttwigi, Korean fight, the Tuho (throwing sticks in a container), or the Yutnori.

Muchangpo Beach, Boryeong-si


It is the most mysterious beach in South Korea is also called Moses. Muchangpo Beach in Boryeong-si province is famous for its mysterious passage that opens into the ocean. This almost miraculous phenomenon occurs during the tides of the summer season, twice a year. From the observation tower of Muchangpo, located on top of a hill 50 m from Muchangpo, you can observe the impressive spectacle of the mysterious separation of water.

Naksan Beach, Yangyang-gun


Naksan Beach is situated in Gangwon-do Province in Yangyang in the Northeast and is 1.8 km long. Naksan Beach is characterized by the purity of its white sand and water with the mountain and its pines in the background. We appreciate the pine forest that surrounds the beach, perfect for those looking for a little shade to protect them from the sun.

Sokcho Beach, Gangwon


Pine groves, golden sands, and warm, clear sands make Sokcho is another beautiful beach in South Korea. Easily accessible from Seoul, it is much less busy than Haeundae and is an ideal destination for a getaway in the sun. Nearby, Mount Seoraksan National Park or Yeongnang Lake is perfect for a cultural visit.

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