China is a country that must be visited at least once in life, it is full of contrasts and although the cultural shock can be strong at the beginning, it will become one of the best experiences.

To travel to this country, Mexicans need a visa, unless they are in transit in the city of Shanghai for 6 days, or 72 hours, in transit, in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, and Shenyang.


Passport: You need to have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months before and with two consecutive pages without stamps from any country.

Form: The Visa Application Form must be filled out correctly, which can be found on the page of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico.

Passport size photo: The photo must be in color and passport size (3.3 cm wide by 4.8 cm high with the face of 2.1-2.4 cm wide by 2.8-3.3 cm high), in front, with a clear background and that is study. The photo must be posted on the Visa Application Form.

Double nationality: If they are Mexicans of dual citizenship they must present their two passports at the moment of applying for the visa. If you are a foreigner with a residence permit in Mexico, you must present your residence permit, original and copy.

Copy of plane ticket: They must present a copy of their plane ticket or flight itinerary, they must verify that the trip is round to China.

Family visit: If you will make a family visit, you must present the certificate of kinship.

Steps to follow

Go to the Chinese Embassy and deliver the required documentation. In case you can not go personally, you can send someone you trust or do it through a travel agency.

Normally, the process takes four business days. If they require the visa urgently they must pay an extra; if they want it to be issued the same day they will have to pay 510 extra Mexican pesos, if they wait two or three days, they will have to pay 360 extra Mexican pesos.

If you want the visa to be issued the same day, you must submit your application before 10:00 am of the day.


The price of the visa depends on the type they request, there is one entry, two entries, multiple entries valid for 6 months and multiple entries valid for 12 months; the cost is the following

One entry visa: 730 pesos

Two entry visa: 1090 pesos

Multiple entry visa valid for 6 months: 1450 pesos

Multiple entry visa valid for 12 months: 2250 pesos

When you receive your visa, check that your information is correctly written and that the validity of the visa is correct.