Canada is a country that has many things to offer travelers and if it is natural, even more. If you are a polar bear lover, this country is the ideal place to see them in their natural habitat, so this time we will share some tips that will help them to enjoy a unique sighting.

Where to see them?

The specific place to see polar bears in their natural habitat is Churchill, a city located in the north of the country, in the province of Manitoba, and on the shores of Hudson Bay.

When to see them?

The season to see polar bears is in the months of October and November since it is when most congregate in Hudson Bay waiting for the sea to freeze to be able to hunt.

How to get?

Churchill is a very distant place and there are only two ways to get to this city, by train or plane, with the plane being the most comfortable and fastest option.

If you want to arrive by train you must take Via Rail, which leaves Winnipeg on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, passing through Thompson. The trip from Winnipeg to Churchill is about 45 hours and if you decide to start your trip from Thompson, the trip takes around 28 hours.

Although the train is a long trip, you can enjoy incredible landscapes full of forests and lakes.

The option to arrive by plane is faster, flights leave from Winnipeg and Thompson; the journey from Winnipeg to Churchill is about 1 hour and 40 minutes; while from Thompson to Churchill it is about 1 hour.

They can also hire a tour like the one Alan took around the world; this one already included the round trip from Winnipeg to Churchill.

How to see polar bears?

There are two options to see polar bears, the terrestrial and the aerial.

The option by land is the best to see polar bears and is done through a Tundra Buggy, a special vehicle that causes the least impact on the tundra The tours in these vehicles can last several hours and the advantage of doing it this way is that they have the bears very close, if they run with luck, they can have them a few centimeters.

The Tundra Buggy has heating, food and also an expert guide in polar bears who will share information about these animals.

The aerial option is in the helicopter, from where you can see these incredible animals and admire the landscape from a different perspective. Performing this activity is more expensive than the Tundra Buggy, however, if you have the opportunity it is also worth it.

If you hire an organized trip, you can choose several options for activities, being the Tundra Buggy the most popular among travelers. In addition, they will offer them the option of renting special clothes to withstand the low temperatures.

They cheer up? This adventure will bring you closer to nature and will remain in your memory as one of the best and most respectful experiences to live with these impressive animals in their natural habitat.