Morocco is the gateway to Africa, where you can dive into the world of the Orient, taste fresh mint tea and lose yourself in the cultural diversity of the country. All the beautiful sights you should not miss in Morocco visit.  In holiday planning, to book a flight to Morocco, few come to mind, while the pearl of the Orient is completely undervalued and has so much to offer. From historic cities with colorful souks (markets), over long sandy beaches, to spectacular mountain ranges or the Sahara. Morocco will inspire you and as soon as you have taken the first step out of the plane, you will be like in the fairy tale of “1001 night “Feel.

1. Rabat

Capital of Morocco and fourth imperial city, this city is a curious mixture of the historical tradition of the past and modernity established in the present. It was founded by Abd al-Mumin in the 12th century and used the kasbah (“fortress”) as a base to fight against the Spanish.


Rabat is a royal city, which was and will always be full of history. This city in the 12th century was the capital of the Almohad Empire and is now the capital of Morocco. It is a city full of authentic beauties that the passage of the centuries was accumulating. The majestic Hassan Tower, the Mohamed V Mausoleum, the Medina of Rabat, the Medina of Salé, the Archaeological Museum. It is worth noting a walk through its lush courtyards, flowering gardens, and peaceful sandy beaches.

2. Marrakech

The imperial city known as the “Pearl of the South” cannot be ignored, but you must know the direction and soak up the atmosphere. The Jemaa el Fna square and its turmoil, day or night, is just worth the trip. But it’s about their colorful and loud nooks that we just surveyed here, probably the richest, most diverse, most fascinating known.


Marrakech is also a fascinating architecture ever stored in the medina, with its beautiful mosques and palaces offer the traveler the remarkable unforgettable emotion of a spell. Marrakech is also the gateway to the south of Morocco. Its atmosphere, its colors and the atmosphere that remembers the desert is not far.

This imperial city appears as a jewel in the natural surroundings that are formed around the mountains of the High Atlas.

3. The dunes, Merzouga

This is a beautiful pocket erg called Chebbi and although it reaches no more than 20 km long by 5 km wide. It has all the elements of a great desert with seas of dunes up to 170 meters high. Walking barefoot on that orange sand until reaching the highest dune is an immense pleasure, as long as the territory is not flooded with other visitors.

The dunes of Merzouga

Along the entire west face – which is perfectly accessed with any type of car – there are jaimas (Bedouin tent), shelters, and even the plane that was used to shoot some sequence of the Little Prince.

Every night the tam-tam sounds in festivities organized by the locals. If you want something more comfortable, there is a little hotel with 15 rooms with private bathroom and swimming pool in a small and true oasis, where camels and horses are rented.

4. The Glaoui palace, Teluet

This place is surrounded by peaks that reach 3,800 meters and in the middle of a steep valley once used by the caravans laden with gold and slaves from the Sudan heading for Marrakesh. There is a fortification that belonged to one of the great feudal families who collected high traffic tolls for their territories.

The Glaoui palace

The surprise will appear when, after locating the watchman and once this has facilitated the entrance to the old and ruinous Alcazaba, start to see the rooms decorated with all possible fantasies. Typical of that oriental luxury that we have seen so many times in the movies. Polychrome stucco carved cedar wood and mosaics that contrast with the hardness of the medium. In winter it is normal to have to make its way through the snow of the yard full of debris by the collapse of the walls.

5. The passage of the Great Atlas, Tizi n’Test

The Great Atlas Mountain can be crossed by numerous mountain passes, to the east are the gorges of the river Ziz, in the center, you find the port of Tzi n’Tichka and further west of Tizi-n-Test.

The passage of the Great Atlas, Tizi n’Test

To the fantastic view that from there we have of the Sous, already in the Sahara, it is necessary to add the nice road dotted with places of great interest. Just 135 km from Marrakech, the road leads us first to the sanctuary of Moulay Ibrahim (km 35), place of important pilgrimages and atmosphere of pilgrimage.

The last 15 km climb the mountain and make you climb the Tizi-n-Test pass, at 2,100 meters. From a coffeehouse on the peak where the visitor should inevitably have tea and coffee. There you will find a breathtaking view over the desert and a decent almost stairway to Taroudant, a beautiful fortified city.

6. Blue City Chaouen

It’s clear and clean light, its white and blue houses, make this city one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Morocco. That is why it is an irresistible destination for a good number of painters and artists.

Blue City Chaouen

Chaouen, also called “The Pearl of the North”, is a city of captivating beauty. Its Mediterranean popular design architecture contributes with the blue and indigo of its centennial doors and the white indigo of the walls. These covered with layers and layers and more layers of lime. Chaouen has been the inspiration for many painters like Eugène Delacroix, Maria Fortuny, and Henri Matisse.


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7. Fez

The history of the city of Fez dates back to the 8th century, so it has many important monuments and representative buildings that you have to visit. It is the first of the four Imperial cities of Morocco. It also became known as the most important cultural, religious center of the country.


If you go to Fez you will find places and points of interest essential to visit, among which are mosques, such as the Mosque of Karaouiyine and the Mosque of Andalusians, the Medersa Bou Inania, the beautiful Medina and its traditional crafts.

8. Essaouira

A beautiful city in the coastal area of Morocco greatly attracts the independent travelers.  It seems you must have lost yourself in time, quiet and pleasant. One of the most visited and tourist cities in the country must visit if we are making a tour through the south of Morocco. Known as the windy city, it should not be surprising to see a multitude of windsurfers arriving from all over the world.


Essaouira is a vacation spot for Moroccans and foreigner visitors who go in search of beaches, rest, and flee the sweltering heat. Essaouira has several must-see places of interest, such as the beautiful Medina, declared a World Heritage Site; the Island of Mogador, the Ben Youssef Mosque, etc.

9. Tangier

It is practically the most visited city in Morocco by tourists. This is because it is without a doubt the main gate through which European visitors access this mysterious country.


Tangier has a great climate which is the envy of many cities of the country which will let you enjoy attractions throughout the year. Once in Tangier traveler cannot miss visiting symbolic places known as its beautiful Medina, the Great Souk, the Sidi Bou Abid Mosque or the Bay of Tangier.

10. Casablanca

 As expected, Casablanca has a large number of tourist sites that you should visit if you are feeling the taste of this wonderful city. One of the most visited by tourists, thanks to its easy access, both by boat and by plane.


Together with the tourist attractions, it offers such as the famous Mosque, the Old Medina, and the New Medina of the city and many other beautiful places that are well worth a visit.


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