Many people believe that online is the money-making machine without any investment. But, they don’t think of that no company will pay you for free or without investment, even the person also does not pay people for free of benefit. There is always doubt about free things because any good item cannot be given free. Unfortunately, most of the people who want to work and earn online cannot realize the basic issue between legit and scam. People usually search for free earning and eventually cheated. Or the free legit sites pay very low e.g. ads viewing, captcha typing etc. that cannot generate even the internet bill of the workers although they work hours after hours every day.

So, if you want to earn handsomely from online, you must invest. And, affiliate marketing is the most secure, legit and real online earning source that can generate a high return to the affiliate marketers.

 Now, the questions come

  • How do you sure whether the affiliate marketing platform is legit or scam?
  • How do you understand about the better affiliate platform?

The questions are very basic for an investor because he/she wants the security of their investment. There are many legit earning sources that require investment such as binary trading, Forex investment, blogging and affiliate marketing. And, affiliate marketing is the most secured earning opportunity and is growing rapid popularity than other online earning opportunities.

So, at first, I am giving the answer to the first question that is how do you sure whether the affiliate marketing platform is legitimate or scam?

The answer is simple. First of all, you need to know what affiliate marketing is? In simple, every company has some specific products or services. Every company wants to increase their sales and profits. Digital technologies have opened the opportunity for the companies to increase their sales and profits worldwide. So, a company gives the opportunity to the people who want to earn online by selling the products or services on behalf of the company and the company provides a certain amount of commission for each sale. This is called affiliate marketing. The more you can sale, the more you can earn. Many people are earning 5-digit from affiliate marketing each month.

This is the key issue to understand between legit and scam. Scam Company claims they will pay money without selling products or services. That means paying without any benefit so you can easily understand the company is a scam and not legit. But, a legit company must have certain products or services and they will pay you against the sale of their products or services. That means the company is benefitted from you and you are also benefitted from the company.

Now come to the second question, how do I understand better affiliate platform?

The answer to the question is depending on some issues

The level of competition

There are many affiliate platforms where the level of competition is extremely high; for example, think about e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress or travel affiliate companies like Booking, Skyscanner or TripAdvisor etc. The competition in these affiliate companies is very high and even you need waiting months after months to earn passive income. 

Terms of service of the affiliate company

The terms of service of the affiliate company are also needed to be considered. Many companies have very strict terms and conditions so that many affiliate requests have been denied due to the strict terms and conditions. For example,

  • Skyscanner will suspend your affiliate partnership with the company if you cannot able to send a minimum number of traffics to the company’s website and cannot able to generate a certain number of sales.
  • Amazon is also declined affiliate request if you cannot sell a product within 90 days period.

Level of investment and commission rate

The most important issues in the affiliate marketing are the investment requirement and commission rate. Every affiliate marketing platform, you need a minimum investment requirement because as I said earlier, in every business you need investment and free things never generate sufficient earning for you. The investment requirements are in different form; for example,

  • You must require a website in affiliate marketing to collect traffic or visitors so that traffic can purchase products or services and in return, you will get a commission from the affiliate network.
  • In addition, there are also required other continuous investment e.g. especially for e-commerce and travel affiliate, investing in article writing for the website,
  • SEO for ranking in the search engine and paid marketing.

Another important issue is the rate of commission. This issue must be considered very seriously because some platform provides very poor commission rate e.g. Aliexpress, Amazon, Booking etc. so that you need to sale large volume of products to generate expected earning that is quite difficult in most of the cases.

What is Yoonla all about?

Yoonla is a digital lifestyle affiliate network based in New Zealand, founded by Reno Van Boven, and has been operating since 2015. The company is selling Getresposne, domain, and hosting. Yoonla provides two types of commission:

  1. PPL or pay per lead that means free signup. When you inform a traffic about Yoonla and if a person signup, Yoonla will pay you $4 commission. Currently, Yoonla provides this commission for six countries such USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. In the future, Yoonla will add more countries for the commission. 
  2. PPS or pay per sale that means when a traffic purchase domain hosting from Yoonla’s recommended site using your affiliate referrer code then Yoonlawill give $75 commission. The first time you will get $40 commission and the second time you will get $35 commission when your referral user collects other PPS. 


Why is Yoonla affiliate program better than another affiliate network?

Level of competition

The level of competition at Yoonla affiliate is comparatively low compared to another affiliate like Amazon, Aliexpress, travel affiliates etc. These e-commerce and travel affiliates take huge time to generate expected sales even you may require several months to generate the first sale.

Whereas you can earn from Yoonla affiliate from the first day after getting affiliate approval because you can earn commission for a qualified lead that is the easiest work in the online and you can collect minimum 10 leads every day if you spend 2-3 hours in online.

Terms of service (TOS)

The TOS of Yoonla is not tightening than another affiliate program like Amazon or Skyscanner. Skyscanner will suspend your affiliate partnership with the company if you cannot generate a minimum number of traffics to the company’s website and generate a certain number of sales. Amazon is also declined affiliate request if you cannot sell a product within 90 days period.

But, Yoonla will suspend your affiliate account if you mislead the people and collect fake lead using VPN.

Level of investment

E-commerce website like Amazon, eBay or others, travel affiliates like Booming or Skyscanner, you must require a website that requires a good amount investment considering the hosting providers. You also need to publish articles so that you require purchase quality articles from good writers. It also requires a large investment.

Additionally, you need to do SEO of your articles to get rank in the search engine by SEO expert team and it requires very high investment on a continuous basis. But, these all of your efforts do not assure expected traffic in your affiliate website and even you may wait for one to two years to get a position on the first page of the search engine. Till then you need continuous investment.

You can visit the search engine and found thousands of e-commerce affiliate websites are struggling for three years or more to take a position in the top five positions in the search engine. Moreover, if you fail to select the right keywords and niche, you will realize after six months that the total investment and efforts are simply wasted.

On the other hand, the investment requirement to join Yoonla affiliate program is very marginal compared to another affiliate program. To start affiliate at Yoonla,

  • You need to purchase Getresposne ($15) and domain + hosting ($62 for one year) that mean $77 in total. You must purchase the Getresponse and domain and hosting from the Yoonla recommend hosting provider and the link will be provided by the company. The price may a little increase or decrease.
  • Yoonla will set up your affiliate account and within 48 hours they will mail you with full details of your affiliate account like affiliate account dashboard, affiliate link, affiliate website, and others.
  • You do not require additional investment like article purchase for posting, SEO the website or other. If you want to earn more and do not have much time with minimum effort, you may invest in paid marketing in the search engine like Bing or Google which is not mandatory.

Rate of commission

The rate of commission of e-commerce affiliate is very poor (less than 1% to maximum 8%). You can search on the internet to check the commission rate of e-commerce sites. Some travel affiliate provides good commission but the conversion rate is very low and the affiliate program is limited for certain countries.

Yoonla affiliate program is available for all countries except Vietnam and Nigeria because of their fraudulent works. The commission rate is very attractive for each lead $4 commission and each sale $75 commission. So, you can return your investment by collecting only 20 leads or selling 2 products. And you can generate long-term earning from the first day of the work.

Payout method

Yoonla provides payment twice a month and the minimum payout is $100. Payout method is PayPal and direct bank transfer.

So, I love Yoonla affiliate program for its simple work process and low investment requirement. The work process is simple and Yoonla uploads videos that provide tips to boost earnings in the membership dashboard. This affiliate earning tips are useful and applicable to all affiliate program.

If you want to collect the videos to boost online earning, go to this link and signup for free.

If you want to join in Yoonla’s affiliate, go to this link.

Watch the video to learn about the Yoonla affiliate joining process