Dublin is a city that has an incredible atmosphere, has a lot of history, monuments and dozens of activities to offer travelers.

Although it is not an expensive city, compared to other European capitals, a list of free things to do in Dublin in your vacation because it never hurts to save yourself a few cents.

Visit its museums


 National Museum of Archaeology

The museums in Dublin are free and have a wide variety of places to visit, such as The National Gallery, the National Museum of Archaeology, the Museum of Natural History, among others.

Trinity College


Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College is one of the most popular Universities in Ireland and is considered the best in the country. It is worth giving a couple of hours tour the campus and admires its architecture and green areas.

Free tour

In Dublin you can find several free tours that will show you the most important points of the city If you stay in a hotel, investigate if the hotel offers this service, for example in the Isaacs, free tours are given to travelers.

Take a picture of bridges

The Liffey River crosses Dublin from west to east and flows into Dublin Bay, so you will run into several bridges in the city. Some of them are incredible architecture and history.

Liffey River crosses Dublin

Among the most popular is the Wellington Bridge, better known as Ha'penny Bridge, which was the first pedestrian bridge in Dublin. And there's also the Samuel Beckett Bridge; its structure simulates a harp, symbol of Irish culture, is formed by 31 cables attached to a mast. It is perfect to enjoy a sunset!

This neighborhood is perfect to get lost in its streets, enjoy the atmosphere and watch life go by.

Have a picnic in their parks

In Dublin, you can find several parks to relax, have picnics and practice contemplation. Some that you can visit is Phoenix Park and St. Stephen's Green. The Phoenix Park is the largest in Dublin and throughout Europe. It is very popular among locals. It has many things to offer travelers, but it is best to walk or rent a bicycle to explore it; you can also find deer!

Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park is perfect for relaxing and/or enjoying the sunset. The St. Stephen's Green Park is another good idea to relax. It is one of the most beautiful and popular in the city.

Take a tour of the National Library of Ireland


National Library of Ireland

Every Wednesday at 1:00 pm and Saturdays at 3:00 pm you can take a free tour to visit the National Library of Ireland. It is important to make a reservation. The data is found on the National Library page.

Browse their markets


Dublin Flea Market

Dublin is a city where you will also find several flea markets, especially on weekends. Some that you can visit Farmleigh Market, Ranelagh Market, Antique Quarter Francis Street, Dublin Flea Market and others. Dublin is an incredible city and you will surely love it when you visit it.