Departures on holidays are always a source of stress, especially for family holidays. First of all, you have to pack everyone’s bag in advance and in the background, you have to be able to get everything in the trunk of the car. This task, at first glance very simple, can prove to be a real headache. That’s why today we offer various tips for optimizing the storage of your trunk to be sure to fit the suitcases of the whole family!

How to optimize the storage of your car trunk?

The first step is to optimize the place of your belongings in your suitcases. If you go for a week or less, for example, it will not be necessary to bring your bottle of shampoo. Prefer to take samples in small plastic bottles sold in supermarkets or small sizes of your favorite products.

Regarding the storage of the luggage itself, start by placing the largest and heavier luggage in your trunk. Just as the most rigid luggage that will have to be positioned in the trunk first.

The more flexible and flexible luggage will be more easily positioned at the end. Like a game Tetris, they will fill the remaining space and stall the larger items to prevent them from moving during the trip.

Small bulky luggage may be placed under the car seats. However, it will be necessary to avoid placing a luggage under the driver’s seat to avoid any risk of an accident. Similarly, the rear shelf must be clear so that the driver has a perfect view in the rearview mirror.

Regarding the objects you may need during the trip, do not hesitate to place them in the storage of the cabin in order to access it without problem: glove box, storage doors or central.

Car storage accessories: bars and roof boxes

If after several tests, some suitcases do not fit in your car, you still have the option to add some accessories to put the baggage in excess.

The roof box is the most practical and least restrictive travel accessory. The main requirement is the installation of roof bars. Check beforehand that your car allows the installation of this device. Once the roof bars are installed, it’s a breeze to position your roof box. No need to have any permit for the use of a roof box.

A second device will allow you to place many luggage and all sizes: the trailer. Above 750kg of payload, know that it nevertheless requires the obtaining of a specific permit for towing, obtained after a training of 7 hours. Likewise, your car will need a hitch to attach the trailer. It is, therefore, a real investment, which can be particularly interesting for large families or if you go for a long time and have to carry a lot of luggage.

You now have all the cards in hand for a real optimization of the loading of your trunk! One less stress for a successful vacation starts.


I confirm that it is necessary to think to put a luggage which contains the useful business nearby so as to be easily accessible without needing to move everything on the highway area.

Soft luggage makes it easier to transform into a modeling paw (provided that the content is not fragile).