Nautical activities are entertaining, refreshing and they help us to feel sensations that we rarely have the opportunity to experience in everyday life. Who does not enjoy doing water activities to do absolutely in summer?  Whether it’s snow sports or underwater sports, here are some of the best nautical activities to practice in summer in France!


Surfing is one of the favorite water sports for thrill-hungry tourists. What is more vibrant than sliding along a wave by fully marrying his board? Rather complex when you try without technique, surfing is an activity for which it is better to take classes before embarking on a solo. You can start learning the first surf techniques at the age of 7 years.

Where to try surfing?

To try surfing, no need to venture abroad because we have in France some of the best spots in the world! But where to surf in France? The French Atlantic coast offers the possibility of surfing both in Charente Maritime and Gironde, in the Landes or the Basque Country. To begin, Hendaye Bay is considered ideal. The beach of Biarritz will be rather reserved for the surfers of a higher level.

Scuba diving

For those who prefer to be underwater above, scuba diving is a unique opportunity to contemplate beautiful seabed and swim with the fish, especially when choosing the spot. The material is quite heavy and the practice is not recommended for children under 8 years. Children’s classes also generally impose depth restrictions depending on the diver’s level and age. At 15, it is possible to pass his diving certificate to no longer have limitations.

Where to try scuba diving?

The choice of a scuba diving spot is often done mainly according to the beauty of the funds. Corsica remains an ideal destination for diving, as you can find an impressive fauna and marine life. It is in the bay of Saint Cyprien, in the nature reserve of the Cerbicale and Lavezzi islands that you will find the most beautiful diving spots. Porto Vecchio, you can discover many spiral rocks and observe wrecks of ships.

The kitesurf

More recent and a little more “hype” than traditional water sports such as diving or jet-skiing, kite-surfing has the advantage of being able to be practiced as well on a lake as by the sea. Slightly different from windsurfing, its principle is the same, except that the board is towed by a kite and not a sail. The grip is quite technical. That said, you do not need to have a high level of physical fitness to try kite-surfing. It is advisable to start an initiation of 12 years. Learning the technique requires a few hours, then, the place to the pleasure of sliding!

Where to try kite-surfing?

The kite-surf is ideal in places proposing a regular breeze or a moderate but frequent wind, as in Brittany. The region is full of kite-surfing schools near your Homair camping villages. In Carnac, you can take lessons or rent your equipment in Carnac Evasion, whose reputation is excellent.


More classic, but no less sporty, kayaking is one of the best nautical activities to practice in summer in France that you never tire of and you take a crazy pleasure to practice with friends or family. At once entertaining and quite physical, canoeing can also be practiced in freshwater or at sea. Sea kayaking, however, is much more tiring and is generally less popular. In freshwater, it is possible to choose quite calm canoe descents, suitable for a ride with young children, as well as sportier kayak descents with more rapids.

Where to try Kayaking?

In France, the Ardèche remains, of course, the favorite region to indulge in the pleasures of the oars. Vallon Pont d’Arc has become the European capital of kayaking!

The Jet Ski

Although rather expensive, the jet-ski is part of the water activities that give us the greatest thrills. In France, an 8-year-old child will be able to ride behind an adult. To be able to drive a jet ski alone, it will take at least 16 years and have a boat license. Night driving is of course forbidden because it is too dangerous.

Where to try jet skiing?

In France, the Côte d’Azur remains the ideal place to try jet skiing. In the rest of Europe, there are many very popular spots: Salou is ideal if you want to camp on the Costa Dorada in Spain, and Zadar is one of the top destinations in Croatia to indulge in the joys of jet- ski.