There are many things that Morocco could boast and without a doubt, its beaches are one of them. With more than 3,500 kilometers of coastline distributed between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. It is difficult not to find a great variety and Morocco has beaches for all tastes, from small rocky coves or fine sand. To extensive sandstones that are confused with the desert, urban beaches are more crowded or totally deserted in the warm south, perfect for windsurfing and other water sports and calm and serene bays to relax in the sun.

1. Beaches of Tangier


tangier beach

Almost obligatory city if you come from the Peninsula by boat, Tangier has pleasant beaches on the outskirts of the city with bars to eat or cool at any time of the day, camel ride along the shore. Ideal places for a few hours of fun and relaxation and go only with someone or with the whole family.

2. Beaches of Tetuán


Beaches of Tetuán

Very close to Ceuta and therefore of the Peninsula, you find the great beaches of the area of Tetuán. Without a doubt, Martil beach is the most famous of the beaches of Tetuán. It is only 10 kilometers from the city. In the surroundings of Tetuán, there are other more attractive alternatives such as the beach of Tres Piedras, very clean and well cared for but of course sand, Cabo Negro, Al-Amin or Marinasmir.

3.Tamuda bay beach


Tamuda bay beach

Known as the Pearl of the Rif, Tamuda Bay has become one of the star projects of the Moroccan tourism sector. Taking the advantage of a beautiful bay and its beaches of golden sand, there have been built several urbanizations, hotel complexes, two marinas, and an excellent promenade. In short, everything designed to the delight of beach lovers with all its amenities.

4. Oued Laou beach


Oued Laou beach

Oued Laou is a small and charming village in which there is little to do more than relaxing on the beach and watch the fishermen cast their nets. It is located relatively close to Tetuan, but far enough away so that it’s long, empty beaches are a perfect place for backpackers and budget travelers looking for a bit of peace and relaxation. The beach of Oued Laou stretches for many kilometers with which the tranquility is assured, even during the summer months.

5. Nador beach


Nador beach

Nador has about 100 km of practically virgin coast, which translates into the difficulty of access and scarcity of services, but if you are looking for tranquility, this is definitely your destination. Of all the options perhaps highlight Mar Chica where in fact there is projected a tourist complex that will occupy part of this formidable lagoon of 25 km in length, so we recommend you visit it before it is too late.

6. Saidia beach 


Saidia beach 

Saidia Or better known as the blue pearl, this small and pleasant tourist town is only a few kilometers from the Algerian border. It has the longest beaches in Morocco and is being consolidated as an international destination with a quality hotel offer, important festivals in summer and a curious mixture of Moroccan traditional with the beach atmosphere.

7. Asilah beach


Asilah beach

Known as the pearl of the Atlantic, this town is just 50 km from Tangier. It enjoys a small and active port and a wonderful beach near one of the most beautiful historical hulls of Morocco. Asilah is full during the summer months but the rest of the year enjoys a languid tranquility. Actually, the whole coast between Tangier and Asilah is a virgin beach. So, if you travel by car you will not miss places where you can take a dip. At Asilah beach, where you can enjoy a splendid sandy beach bathed by clean waters and tranquility

8. Larache beach


 Larache beach

Its beaches are open to the ocean and oriented to the west. For the most part with waves and therefore ideal for surfing. However, it also has some more familiar and safe beaches, such as Ras Rmel or Peligrosa. In general, the accesses are not very good but in this area, we will find wild beaches of fine sand, surrounded by dunes and bordered by forests of oaks and cork oaks. Adventure lovers will definitely like this beach.

9. Mehdia beach


Mehdia beach

Just 30 kilometers from Rabat, this beach is a paradise for surfers. That is why you will find here the best surf schools in the country. Due to its pleasant climate surfers from all over the world ride their waves all year round. Adventure lovers and surfers find this beach as the place of excitement.

 10. Rabat beaches


rabat beaches

The most popular beaches in the city are located on both sides of the mouth of the river Bou Regred. On the bank of Rabat is located next to the Kasbah of the Oudayas, and the cemetery is endowed with beach services and restaurants. Continuing south, it becomes rocky, where is the Sid Yabouri, with great Baraka, to which many devotees go, finishing in the Lighthouse.

11. Beaches of Temara


Beaches of Temara

Beaches of the Temara is located to the south of Temara. It begins at Harhoura Beach, protected by a rocky outcrop and surrounded by urbanization and hotels, with a microclimate through the nearby Harhuora forest. Continue with La Falaise, small cove between cliffs, the sandy beach of Guy Chico Ville. After passing the port, the coast continues with the long beach of Val d`Or of fine golden sand, which extends with the beach Little Val dòr.

12. Skhirat beach


Skhirat beach

Beach of Skhirat (23km) is a beach where you start a beautiful coast road. It is frequented by the inhabitants of Casablanca. It begins with the sandy beach at the mouth of the Oued Ikam, the undeveloped beach of Rose Marie, appreciated by surfers. The beach of Juara is protected by reefs, ending in a rocky outcrop. Continue with the sandy cove and after passing reef areas, you will reach the marina from which is the beach of Shkirat.