If Chile is a kiss, its protagonists are undoubtedly the majestic mountain range of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, which run along 4,300 kilometers developing an incredible variety of beaches, coves and rocky. Chile is the longest country in the world, and it collects in itself a variety of climates, cultures, and ecosystems that can well express a tour of the totality of its coasts. Due to its peculiar conformation, the beaches in Chile are much more than a simple place of recreation. Here I present some beautiful and charming beaches of Chile for your recreation.

1. Anakena beach

Anakena beach is on Easter Island, 18 kilometers from Hanga Roa. Once there, it can be reached by vehicle, or by motorcycle. You can also cycle through the stretch, but that would take about two hours.The calm sea of the spa turns turquoise as it approaches the shore, and tends to warm in the summer.

Anakena beach

Around the beauty continues to surprise with incomparable panoramas of green hills, tall palms, and the intriguing protagonists of Anakena. Pleasantly, surprised by the cleanliness of the area and the tranquility that is breathed in every corner of this beach, along with the mysticism that envelops the Easter air.

2. La Virgen Beach

La Virgen Beach is a beach in the Region III of Atacama, in Chile. It is located 70 km from Copiapó and 7 km south of Puerto Viejo. This particular beach owes its name since on the way to the place there is a rock formation that seems to be the virgin.

La Virgen Beach

This small beach is named or chosen by many as the best beach in the country, has turquoise waters, fine sand and blondes, which makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, although not the only one with similar characteristics.

3. Bahía Inglesa beach

In the center of the Atacama, with the sun warming a part of the calm ocean is Bahía Inglesa beach. This beach, despite being small, has several points in favor that make it one of the best in Chile. For example, it’s pleasant temperature and generally clears skies, added to the crystalline sea and suitable for bathing.

Bahía Inglesa beach

In addition, different activities can be carried out in the area, such as sports diving (taking advantage of the fact that the seabed does not have large slopes here), coastal walks by inflatable boat, or sea kayak. Then give yourself a treat and eat at one of the excellent restaurants that are located around the spa.

 4.  Cavancha Beach

With pleasant temperatures to bathe at any time of the year, Playa Cavancha is an excellent spa in the region of Tarapacá. Located on the coast of Iquique, it is perfect for recreation. It is quite recurrent to see groups of surfers, sailors, swimmers, people doing water skiing, or simply children playing both inside and outside the water.

Cavancha Beach

You can also go kayaking and canoeing, as there are leases of these types of boats, and includes lifeguards. Another characteristic of Cavancha is that it is only meters away from the city of Iquique, where you can find restaurants, residential, commercial stores and hotels.

5. Raúl Marín Balmaceda beach

Near the Carretera Austral, in the region of Aysén, is the port Raul Marín Balmaceda, a place that surprises by the beauty of its surroundings. The greatest attraction is the Raúl Marín Balmaceda beach, lies in the respect for nature that is lived in the place, giving the sensation of being known virgin landscapes.

Raúl Marín Balmaceda beach

In the sea and in the surroundings you can do many activities such as boating, boat trips, fishing, camping, trekking, eating excellent seafood dishes in nearby restaurants.

6. Ovahe Beach

Located 30 km of Hanga Roa, in Easter Island, this spa is immediately highlighted by its distinctive reddish sand that, by unusual, attracts those who discover this area.

Ovahe Beach

This beach is ideal for those who seek tranquility and a space for reflection, as it is much less frequented than its neighbor Anakena. You can take long walks listening to the breaking of the waves, water fishing, and even recreational diving.

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7. Ahui Beach

Located in a rural town of Ancud, called Ahui, this beach has large rock formations and abundant vegetation. There are sectors authorized for picnics and camping, which have public toilets for the convenience of visitors.

Ahui Beach

What is entertaining is that you can camp just meters from the sea, so a nice panorama would be lunch with family or couple, and then enjoy the beach.

8. Amarilla  Beach

For those looking for a family atmosphere to go for a walk or go on vacation, Amarilla beach is one of the best options. Located in Concón, Quinta region, Amarilla beach is characterized by the tranquility of its tide and its visitors.

Amarilla Beach

In this beach, the little family member can play quietly, and their parents can sunbathe or bathe with their children in a total calm since the sea of this spa is suitable for bathing and its waves are very soft.

 9. Reñaca beach

It is one of the busiest beaches of the central coast, due to the size of the spa suitable for bathing, the white and soft sand, and the many attractions around. In addition, the neighborhood surrounding the beach has everything you need to have fun and enjoy. The wide variety of restaurants, the possibility of water sports such as surfing and body boarding.

Reñaca beach

On the other hand, in the summer season, children and young people can have a lot of fun, as they will find handicraft fairs, baby soccer fields, trampolines, and beach games for the little ones.

10. Totoralillo Beach

Located 25 kilometers north of La Serena, Totoralillo beach is small but beautiful. This peninsula has a beach of white sand and striking calypso waters, one of the favorite attractions for children and bathers in general.

Totoralillo Beach

On the other hand, Totoralillo Beach is well known and frequented by surfers, as it presents ideal conditions to develop this water sport. At the same time, there is diving and recreational fishing, where you can take colorful photos underwater if you have the right camera. As for services, there are restaurants close to the beach, and accommodation available to tourists.

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