Travellers will find in Amsterdam extensive canals, numerous bridges, buildings with incredible architecture and an open society that welcomes all ways of thinking.

To rent a bicycle or to move in some boat are some of the most common activities in this city, which is full of museums and tourist attractions. However, many of these itineraries require several euros to be invested and many times our portfolio suffers the consequences.

If you are planning a visit to this incredible city, I give you a guide to 8 free things to do in Amsterdam:

Enjoy a walk next to the canals

Did you know that Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North? This city, however, has more channels than the Italian city, which has a greater number of bridges.

Going over the slopes of these canals is an experience they must experience since, in addition to being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the canals are an ideal pretext to walk on foot or by bicycle (the city is full of bike paths) through this museum outdoor.

The surrounding architecture will leave you in awe and you may find surprises in its wake, such as the bank that served as the location for the film Baja de lo Estella.

Jardines del Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum or National Museum of Amsterdam houses one of the most impressive art collections in the world, however, entering this impressive site (in Alan for the World we recommend it) costs 17.50 €.

If you already visited it, museums are not your thing or simply prefer to save that money. The museum gardens are totally free, in there you will find statues, fountains, ponds and architectural pieces.

Take a picture in I Amsterdam

It is a classic for any visitor in this capital. These gigantic letters are in front of the date of the Rijksmuseum (his architecture will give a special touch to his photographs) and are a play on words that link “I am Amsterdam” (I am Amsterdam) forming “I Amsterdam”. Of course, there are many people and may not have their photo alone.

Visit a market

This point is a challenge for everyone, to attend a market and not spend anything! In case you are saving, walking through any of Amsterdam’s markets can be a good idea, due to its variety.

Your sense of smell will be satisfied if you take a walk around the Bloemenmarkt, a flower market located in Singel, between Muntplein and Koningsplein, where in addition to daffodils and lilies you will find the starflower of the country: the tulips.

You can also visit the Albert Cuyp market in De Pijp, the Latin Quarter of Amsterdam. This market is the largest in Europe in their stalls will find, fruit, fish, flowers, as well as bright fabrics, cheeses, and bike locks or herring sandwiches.

Immerse yourself in the City Archive

If you like history, you will find in the Stadsarchief (the Archive of the City of Amsterdam) a series of data that will allow you to show off with your friends and make them have a good time.

The Stadsarchief collects and protects all kinds of historically relevant documents for the city of Amsterdam, including edicts of mayors of past centuries, merchants’ letters, photographs of Jacob Olie and the first recordings of the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

They also have curiosities such as a police report on the theft of the bicycle of Anne Frank or photos of John Lennon and Audrey Hepburn. It is located in De Bazel, on the Vijzelstraat.

The museums in Amsterdam are not exactly cheap, if they are fans of art, this city will offer them free admission to several galleries where they will find the independent art of the metropolis.

The majority is located in the Jordaan neighborhood and among the most important are Radar, which has urban-inspired exhibitions; Galerie Fons Welters is for those fans of contemporary art and KochxBos, a kind of surrealist dining room with all kinds of kitsch and colorful art.

Rest in a garden

Buying your food in the supermarket or markets will allow you to save a few euros and if you want to eat it quietly, nothing better than visiting the Vondelpark, the most famous public park in the city. It is part of the Amsterdam-Zuid district, located west of Leidseplein and Museumplein, and is the ideal place to rest, relax or have a picnic.

Honourable mention deserves the Begijnhof, a very quiet and pleasant courtyard built in the fourteenth century by a group of women dedicated to charity, who still live there. In this site, you can undoubtedly have a quiet time to read or listen to your favorite music.

Meet the Dutch Riding School

The Hollandsche Manège, located in Vondelstraat 140, has a neoclassical architecture that impresses its visitors. Opened in the 19th century, this riding school still retains its original appearance and is open to the public to explore its halls and see how equestrian students practice.

Cannabis College

Very close to Amsterdam’s Hash Marihuana museum is Cannabis College, a non-profit organization that provides information and advice for the acceptance and reasonable use of cannabis.

In this site, founded by Henk Poncin in 1998, you can consult the archive of magazines and press for free, watch informative documentaries and find all kinds of documentation on the various applications of cannabis and hemp.

These are some of the things you can do in this amazing city for free and I hope you can save them some euros on your trip to Amsterdam.