Some travelers like rustic hotels in which they can disconnect and there are others who prefer to spend a night in a very modern, even very technological. Here are presenting 5 high tech hotels that will make them dream.

Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel (China)

Welcome to the future! It is indeed a good in what could be the world of tomorrow that offers you Pengheng Space Capsules, a Chinese hotel under the theme of space and robots found in the district of Bao’an. Do not be surprised if you have to place your orders at a robot, everything is normal in this hotel whose staffs are not human! It’s like being in a spaceship, ideal for those who want to radically change their habits. You will sleep in a capsule and have access to self-service tablets and computers.

Eccleston Square Pimlico (England)

The Eccleston Square hotel in London is the kind of establishment that does not really want to leave your room to explore the city. The rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. 46-inch High Definition and 3D TVs coming with a 3D DVD movie collection. An iPad available that allows doing without the services of a concierge. A smart wall between the bathroom and the living room, free-access smartphones that make free calls to five countries. The most addicted to technology have found here a little paradise.

Yotel (United States)

In the Big Apple, you can find the whole range of hotels: from the most modest to the luxurious palace, and ultra-trendy establishments, like the Yotel of New York whose designers have thoroughly played the card of technology that is omnipresent. Thus, upon arrival, check-in is not done with a human, but via a computer. Another techno attraction of the place is the Yobot, a robot that puts the suitcases of customers in lockers, quite spectacular to see. To recover your baggage you must provide your name and a PIN code. In the room, connectivity is facilitated, access to ultra-fast WiFi, an audio streaming system and the ability to enjoy platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

Aloft hotel (United States)

Also in the United States, the Aloft Cupertino Hotel will appeal to all Apple fans whose headquarters are next to this California establishment. No wonder in these conditions to find in all rooms an Apple TV. There is also a concierge in the hotel which is worth the money for one night. It is indeed a robot concierge, the Botlr, who can bring you towels for the pool, things to nibble or toiletries directly to your room. You just have to take your smartphone to place your order. It goes without saying that this robot-concierge is available at any time of day or night.

Hotel Henn-na (Japan)

It’s impossible to evoke high-tech hotels, let alone Japan, and especially the Henn-na Hotel, a fully robot-run facility in Nagasaki. Upon receipt, you will face a robot woman or a robot dinosaur for registration that is fully computerized. Do not be afraid, everything is here robotic. It is also a robot-valet who will help you bring your suitcase to your room where you will wait another robot placed on the bedside table that can meet the questions you ask yourself. To enter your room, as in science fiction movies, it’s thanks to the facial recognition that you can open the door.