During our trips, when we come across free sites or activities, it is a relief for us and our portfolio. This time we will share 10 free things you can do in Madrid (Spain), although it is not an expensive city compared to other European capitals, it is never too much to be able to do something without spending a penny.

Enjoy your places

The squares of Madrid are perfect to relax in the afternoon and practice the sport of contemplation, also, visiting the squares are almost essential if you travel to Madrid, you cannot miss the Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de España, Plaza de Cibeles, Plaza de Callao, Plaza of the Reina Sofía Museum, Plaza de Chueca.

Admire the Post Office

The Post Office Palace is one of the most impressive buildings in the Spanish capital and offers unique views at night.

Strolling through the markets

In Madrid, you can come across several fruit and vegetable markets, which are very colorful and show part of the local life of the locals. Some that you can visit are the San Miguel Market, San Antón Market, San Ildefonso Market, the Lucas Garden, San Fernando Market.

Changing of the guard at the Royal Palace

The first Wednesday of the month, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, in the Royal Palace, the Solemn Relay and Changing of the Guard takes place, as was done in the time of Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII. More than 400 people participate, 100 horses and the Music Unit of the Royal Guard offers a concert.

Get lost on its streets

There is no getting lost in the streets of the cities you visit and discover each of its corners. Walk through all the streets that you can, at least one day leave the tourist route and appreciate the secrets of Madrid, you will see this destination with different eyes.

Have a picnic

After having a hectic day touring the most important points of the city, you can take a break and enjoy a picnic in the Retiro Park, as well as relax, you will find architectural attractions, sculptures, and incredible landscapes.

Walk along the Gran Vía

The Gran Vía is one of the main streets of Madrid, as you walk through it you will enjoy its buildings and incredible architecture, as well as an incredible atmosphere.

Enjoy an event

In Madrid you will always find a concert, exhibition and free show to enjoy; in some cultural center, a public library.

Appreciate street art

In several streets of the Spanish capital, they will come across several murals of street artists, incredible works, and 100% instagramables.